How to choose your wedding dress?

We feel a huge joy when we are going to choose our wedding dress. What are the criteria that you must take into account during the choice? We will help you to make a good choice.

Do your research

There is no point in running around to dozens of different stores looking for a dress, because you will end up getting tired and won't know what you have worn, and what you haven't. Follow us here. Start by figuring out your preferences and the styles you usually like, then look for deals in the trade press and collections in online stores. You should also choose designers that fit your budget. If you are having a small wedding, choose boutiques from large manufacturers. If your budget is large, you can choose designer dresses or custom-made dresses. Then make an appointment at the stores you are interested in and do some fittings.

Choosing a dress that suits your body type

Sometimes there is a difference between the styles we like and the ones that actually fit us. To avoid a fashion mistake that could leave you scarred for life, it's best to choose a dress that fits your body type. Thanks to our "Which dress fits my body type?" list. In general, though, remember that flowing or "princess" shapes are great for full brides and long girls can dare to wear very tight dresses. "When choosing a dress, you should also consider the shoulder line. If you have a very pronounced shoulder line, go for a boat or American neckline, which will help you hide any small flaws.

Think about the place of the reception

Your wedding dress should not only reflect your wishes, but also the general theme of your wedding ..... As you can see, a very elegant or beaded wedding dress is not very suitable for a country wedding on a farm. Therefore, choose a design that doesn't match the venue and atmosphere of your wedding. Similarly, if you are having a civil wedding only, brides often choose a short dress or a suit.