How to make an intimate toilet for a man?

Just like women, men's genitalia must be maintained. This hygiene favors many things including fertility. The less hygienic you are, the worse the quality of your sperm will be. So, we invite you to learn more about intimate hygiene in men.

How often should you maintain your sex?

As for the other parts of your body, one toilet is enough. In fact, according to the dermatologist and based on the description given by him, one toilet is enough. In reality, excessive hygiene may not be to your advantage. A man indulges in several showers on a daily basis, following an intense sports session, before or after having a romp or when it is excessively hot, soaping up should not be necessary. Just wash with plain water and that could be more than enough. According to some doctors, repeated washing with soap, even though it is not aggressive to the skin, exposes you to an imbalance in the skin's defense system and the microbiota present on the body. Under these conditions, you are more likely to be affected by skin infections (eczema).

How do you go to the bathroom?

A man's intimate hygiene should be done in the simplest way possible. Therefore, you must adopt gentle gestures. This implies first of all, that you must apply yourself and insist on the hairy parts of the pubis while abstaining from going strongly on the penis and your glans. As for the scrotum, this part which goes from the perineum to the threshold of the anus must be washed with care. That said, for those men who have not been circumcised, you should be sure to wash the foreskin. This is the flesh that covers the glans for those who have not been circumcised. Rinse carefully so as not to leave any dirt on it. This is an aspect that the dermatologist insists on most of the time to make a good toilet. On the other hand, after sexual intercourse, washing is not essential, especially since ejaculation and vaginal secretions stored on your penis are not harmful.