Menstruation around the world

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon of the human female body and is not perceived in the same way throughout the world. In some countries, menstruation has still been very much frowned upon, while in others, they try to put women who are having their menstruation in the best possible conditions.

What is female menstruation?

Menstruation is the monthly blood flow that occurs after the egg that had been produced, had not been fertilized. It can last from two to seven days and all girls must go through this stage. As a part of the process of giving life, without menstruation the human race would simply die out.


Products of first necessities as hygienic protections (tampons, sanitary napkins etc…) are however still in many countries taxed with a tax called the tax of luxury. Scotland had become the first country to delete this ridiculous tax completely. Thus, the law “Period Product (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill” allows many Scottish women to have access to sanitary protection.


France is also making efforts to make sanitary protection accessible to all. Indeed, the tax which was originally at 20% has been revised to 5.5%. Although all the brands still do not apply these percentages on their prices, the Georgette Sand collective fights so that it is really the case.


A Subject considered extremely taboo in this country, having your period in India can quickly become a nightmare. The high cost of sanitary protection, the feeling of shame and impurity that women feel, and especially the vision of the society which can push to dropout school. Women who have their period must manage alone the pain the hygiene and have to try to avoid people knowing that they have their period. Three countries, three different realities but the fight remains the same throughout the world.