The different ways to improve your daily life

Did you know that you can achieve all your goals in 24 hours ? Yes, it is possible. All you need to do is get organized and plan your programs well. Establish a schedule, avoid burn-out, know how to say no... are some tips to improve your daily life.

Establish a schedule and avoid procrastination 

To improve your daily life, the first step is to establish a schedule. The planning of your activities will allow you not to be overwhelmed and especially to reach the fixed objectives. You will also have nothing to forget and you will strive to reach your goal. 
There are several tools to make your task easier. Digital or paper agendas are the best tools to set up your schedule. Please mark important dates and fees. You can also activate the alarm or reminder bell to notify you of important appointments. It makes your daily life easier. Wunderlist app is a reference in digital agenda. 
You should also avoid putting off what you can do right now. This will save you time. You should also avoid wasting time on small things. 

Know how to delegate certain tasks and how to say no

If you are aware that you can't bring in the company's balance sheet on the day required by the manager, for example, delegate this task to another employee. Don't take everything on yourself. 
If a task does not fit your profile, let your supervisor know. He or she will assign it to another person. Learn to get help too. Even at home, let yourself be helped. Let your children do the housework and tell them what to do. 
And above all, learn to say no if you can't. If you're used to driving your oldest child to school, say No sometime if you can't. Teach him to take the bus sometimes. Also, hit the table when your values are violated.