The woman and her menstruation: a phenomenon that makes the woman adult

When a woman wants to become a complete woman, she presents some bodily modifications. This is puberty. Some girls when they find for the first time their menstruation, they are afraid. Discover in the following article, the quintessence of what is menstruation.

Female menstruation: what is it?

It is a blood flow that is noticed in women at puberty. But we notice in some countries that parents don't like to explain to pubescent children about this phenomenon. To deepen your knowledge, click on: check my reference. It is a phenomenon that lasts five to seven days depending on the monthly cycle of each woman. The cycle can be regular or irregular. This creates a psychosis in women and leads them to have dirty body hygiene. Also, when we know that sexual education is essential, it is preferable not to talk to children so that they are not surprised when they first appear. Probable sanitary protection is then desirable in almost all countries to allow young girls to recover their health.

Painful menstruation

Also, we notice that some girls at the approach of menstruation, undergo a certain pain in the lower abdomen. This pain is not harmless, especially since it is natural. The suffering of some women begins from the moment they have their period for the first time. It is also possible to remember that when a woman becomes pregnant, the blood flow stops and does not resume until after the baby is born. That's why it's important to take care of your personal hygiene. In short, menstruation is very important in a woman's life, because it is the only thing that allows her not only to procreate but also to express her femininity. But it is necessary to reassure the natives that it is not a shame to talk about painful periods in order to have satisfaction because it can be cured.