Top of the most intelligent animals

The human being have been considered as the social and intelligent animal par excellence because of our capacity to live in community and to invent gadgets. However, in nature there are very intelligent animals that are just as sociable. We have made a small list of some animals whose intelligence will leave you perplexed.


A Bird very often associated with bad luck and misfortune, the raven is nevertheless very intelligent. Despite the smallness of its brain this bird is as intelligent as a seven-year-old child and has the ability to create objects to its make life easier. The raven has an incredible memory and can solve difficult problems. This intelligence allows them to make plans to protect their food supply from thieving ravens.


Man's best friend has remarkable intelligence. Although intelligence varies according to many factors such as genes and breed, some breeds of dogs are extremely smart. They have a sense of numbers and will easily recognize if a puppy is missing from a litter. Dogs are extremely social animals and can easily determine the nature of your feelings towards them. They have feelings themselves, but we don't know yet if they can tell them apart.

The pigs

Contrary to popular belief, the pig is an extremely intelligent and clean animal. Yes, clean, in spite of the received ideas and the adages which resulted from these received ideas, pigs are animals endowed with a sense of cleanliness. Thus, pigs make the effort to never eat and relieve themselves in the same place. Moreover, they cover themselves with mud not for pleasure but to protect their very fragile skin from the sun's rays. Endowed with a memory and a spirit of deviousness out of the common the pig knows the difference between a friend and an enemy.