What is the best laptop brand today?

If you're thinking about getting a laptop in the near future, you might want to read this article. There are many manufacturers to choose from, but not all are created equal. For safety's sake, we recommend that you choose a brand that is well known, reliable and, above all, trustworthy. 

ASUS, a brand known for its diversity

The Taiwanese giant has managed to convince more than one person with its experience and consistency. Asus's laptops are very popular all over the world. The same battery for sony pcg laptop can be found on the best-selling models of the Asus brand. 

Founded in 1989, the Taiwanese company is specialises in the manufacturing of all kinds of computer components, including CPUs, tablets, motherboards and many others. With its know-how in laptop assembly, Asus has become over the years the main subcontractor, if not the unavoidable subcontractor of competing firms such as Sony, Samsung, HP or Dell. 


The American giant is not only good at producing mobile phones. Apart from its iPhones, Apple has also succeeded in capturing a large part of the laptop market thanks to its unavoidable Mac OS operating system. 

Apple was the first major company to create the first computer with a mouse and a graphical interface in January 1984. Lovers of uniqueness and unusual styles prefer Apple products because of their uniqueness. 

Moreover, over the years, the American firm has been able to diversify its creations, thus allowing all tastes to be served in its catalogue. From the classic Macbook through the Air versions to the MacBook Pro, there is something for everyone. 


HP or the brand for all tastes. They are known for their low-cost laptops. Indeed, the commercial policy of the American firm is well known. To satisfy all tastes, all sensibilities, all needs without exception. From the simple student to the big businessman or the fervent lover of online games, HP offers laptops for everyone.